Saturday, November 17, 2012

A "different" birthday.

When you don’t display your birthday on Facebook, it helps sift away all the chaff from your extensive friends’ list and determines which people in your life actually hold you valuable. Because they don’t need to depend on a reminder from FB to know that you’ve lived another year of life, and surely, that’s something special. Your wall –or timeline as it is called now – doesn’t get spammed by hundreds of highly impersonal wishes that are kind of exhausting to scroll through and worse, reply to in a nauseating similar impersonal – often superficial – manner.
That's why, tt was refreshing to have a Facebook-free birthday this year, with only 3 people wishing me there, and I think it is very symbolic of how I have changed over this past year. I’ve tried to cut out all the nonsense and unnecessary fluff from my life. I’ve grown up, moved on, become more perceptive, insightful, and learned to handle things more maturely. Or so I hope. :P
I have also become more private, especially with what I share online. I deleted my entire blog and started it afresh, not posting anything too personal anymore, As much as the internet fascinates me and makes life easy, it is kind of frightening too.
This year, I had a birthday unlike any I could have imagined. The run-up to it was kind of depressing, what with exams looming large (as they always do in November!) and me feeling like everybody is too busy to want to celebrate my day, but then it peaked into happiness so fast that it made me giddy. And what’s more is that as the day progressed and came to an end, it kind of spiraled into some form of unmatched awesomeness that I can’t even fully explain here because I am too overwhelmed. :)
It is birthdays that remind us how loved and fortunate we are, and as much as getting older feels a little bad, it is a good way of being motivated to reach for everything that we want in life with renewed faith and optimism.
This year my birthday excluded a couple of old friends whom I had expected would remember but didn’t. At the same time, however, it included, as compensation perhaps, plenty more new friends and potential friends who turned my day into one that I will never forget. For all the right reasons.
And for that, I am thankful and crazy happy and as I said earlier, so overwhelmed that I can’t really write anymore.
So yeah, I am officially a year older now. :) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Power of You

You can do anything.
Change the world. Or change your life.
You can be a star. Or an insignificant earthworm.
You can experience anything.
The heights of depression, the throes of elation.
You can radiate light, or just unnecessary heat.
You can crib and cry. Or smile and be merry.
You can decide to be happy, Untouched by anything and anyone.
Or wallow in misery, thinking nobody cares.
You can be a mess. You can decide not to.
You can achieve nirvana. Without a drug. (Or a music band.)
Yes, you can. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why I am irritated.

Because the future looms large, and I don't have a plan.
Because all good things come to an end.
Because I'm turning older but more confused.
Because I don't know whether I will ever marry. Or love.
Because people don't reply to my text messages.
Because the world is unfair.
Because my laptop is slow.
Because I want a new one.
Because I want a smart phone.
Because I want a job and lots of money and every selfish desire in the world.
Because it is hard being a woman in India.
Because it is hard being a woman period.
Because sometimes I feel burdened.
Because more times I realise I have nothing to complain about.
Because life is complex. As are relationships.
Because I want to be in love.
Because there are so many things I want to do. And too little time.
Because sometimes I want to do nothing.
Because I think too much.
Because I don't think at all.
Because I have dreams. And fears about not fulfilling them.
Because I want to be so much.
But sometimes feel like nothing at all.
Because irritation is the most common twenty-something emotion. Or so it appears. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why I love November

Not just because I was born in this month, but because it's that beautiful time of year when it's neither too hot nor too cold. The year hasn't quite ended but everyone is gearing up for the coming one. Everything seems to be in a state of renewal and there is a general air of festivity. Diwali is coming, followed by Christmas. It is a month of shopping and wrapping up unfinished business that you don't want to carry into the new year.
This year, the arrival of November has kind of proved that the world is perhaps not ending after all -for if it were, surely some signs would have appeared by now. Not that I'm trying to challenge any higher powers out there.
This is the month when I turn a year older, when I look back and reflect on life so far, when I set new goals and let go of bygones. It is when I try my best to improve as a person and look forward to things to come. It is when I feel most happy and hopeful, most ambitious and inspired. November brings out the best in me, and that is why I ♥ it.