Sunday, January 27, 2013


Most people associate that with a radio prograamme, but i'm talking about the latest release from Bollywood. I went to watch Akash-Vani with zero expectations, except that the lead actor Kartik Tiwari would look cute. And I was in for a pleasant surprise, because not only does he look VERY cute, but the story actually has some substance. The beginning seems to be going nowhere but the first twist comes soon enough and that's when the emotional roller-coaster ride begins: the characters are relate-able, their predicaments draw you in, and the film successfully raises questions and/or provokes thought about certain societal issues that don't get as much attention as they perhaps should - changing times and the growing divide between the thought processes of parents and their children. It tries to give a message without being preachy and is all in all a cute love story that anyone will enjoy.
Music is good and the cinematography is beautiful. And the lead pair carry on their chemistry from their debut film together, Pyar ka Panchnama.
In sum,  I'm glad I went to see it, even more glad that I went without expectations, and yes, I am even more in love with Kartik Tiwari now. ♥