Friday, December 27, 2013

Another year!

So this blog turns six today! And what an eventful six years they've been. I've grown from stupid writing to sad writing to fairly meaningful writing and I guess this is a mirror of the way my life has transformed over the past half-decade.
My earliest posts are no longer available to read since I deleted them all some time back in a cathartic act of leaving behind the past and beginning afresh. Did it work? Well, yes of course it did, but the one terrible side effect was that I turned away from blogging as a whole. I guess I needed a break from documenting my life and thoughts for public viewing. Moreover, I didn't have much time since I was busy getting a master's degree and doing other awesome things. This year, I received my degree and here is an account of what awesomeness I remember of each of the past twelve months:

I welcomed in the new year with a best friend and her family. A fortnight later, I took my first ever solitary train ride to attend another best friend's wedding.

A much-awaited and stressed-over department fest finally fell through. Maadhyam 2013 was a success despite all the crazy goings-on and madness it had spewed.

11 print journalism students: A trip to Mahbubnagar district, Andhra Pradesh.  So the magazine we were supposed to bring out didn't happen, but we still came back with memories of a lifetime and tons of good photos.

Perhaps the most difficult month I had. The end of the best two years of my life; so many difficult decisions to make but still accompanied with great times - memorable nights out with favorite people.

The beginning of a new job which took me on a wonderful trip to Munnar, Kerala. New friends; beautiful memories, One of the most eventful months of the year despite the bad weather.

I moved back home. Lots of mixed feelings but home is home and there's no other place like it :)

Winning the affection of children I teach has been one of the highlights of my job. I never thought I could love kids but it turns out I can and I do. No matter how loud or annoying they may be at times.

A quick trip back to my favorite Indian city - Hyderabad. Seeing all my favorite people again was just what I needed after three months of working very hard.

Nothing in particular but I guess I got better at my job, which is always a good thing :P

Convocation. I topped my class, earned a gold medal, met old friends once again. Need I say anymore?

My birthday month is always the best, d'uh. This time I got a present in the mail too! *Happiness*
I also got addicted to The Vampire Diaries. Brilliant show that. No dearth of super hot guys to swoon over. :P

Well, it's almost over. And it's always awesome because it gives us a chance to evaluate our lives and think of what we want in the coming year; it's a reason to be hopeful again and do all the "cathartic acts of leaving behind the past and beginning afresh" that do us good. So if you haven't yet done so, hurry up. Let go, let be, and look ahead. Good things are just about to happen, I promise.

And when they do, why not document it as the picture below suggests? I know I will.

Thanks S, for sharing the pic! 

Until next time (or next year, rather), wishing you a happy, healthy and safe end of 2013!